city office


A very simple procedure operates here and it starts with the ticketing. The customer selects his/her desired service electronically on the ticketing machine and a number is duly assigned to the customer.



- The customer books for customs examination if the container is red Channel.

- The customer returns with the customs SGD (single goods delivery) release, then moves to invoicing.

- After obtaining the invoice, payments are made electronically using interswitch or makes payment at the Zenith bank branch in the Mall.

- The customer then collects a receipt from the bank, presents at the City Office and electronic verification is performed by APMT.

- The customer then proceeds with copies of the releases(customs and shipping), invoicing and receipts to the TDO section, where an on-line confirmation is done and a "Pre-gate ticket" is generated.

- The pre-gate ticket is then presented at APM Terminals as valid authorization to pick up the container.

- The customer goes straight for invoice, receipt and TDO if the container is for Scanning.

 - The customer is issued receipt by APMT on electronic confirmation of payment from the Bank