2016 Results

  • Revenue USD $4.17 billion
  • Segment result after tax of USD $438 million
  • Return on Invested Capital of 5.7%
  • Invested capital of USD $7.96 billion
  • 37.3 million TEU throughput (based on equity share)

APM Terminals earned a profit of USD $438 million (USD $654 million) and an ROIC of 5.7% (10.9%) in 2016. Operating business generated a profit of USD $487 million (USD $696 million) and an ROIC of 8.6% (12.7%) while projects under implementation together with Grup Marítim TCB (TCB) had a loss of USD $49 million (loss of USD $42 million) stemming from start-up costs.

In 2016 APM Terminals acquired eight out of 11 terminals from the TCB port and rail interests. The acquisition added a combined two million in TEU equity-weighted volume to APM Terminals, expanding the network to 73 operating ports in 69 countries. As part of the TCB transaction, APM Terminals acquired the Terminal de Contenedores Quetzal (TCQ) in Guatemala. An investigation revealed irregularities dating back to before APM Terminals acquired the terminal, and APM Terminals has cooperated fully with the local authorities in clarifying and settling these. While still subject to Senate approval, a settlement of USD $43 million has been agreed. Concluding the TCB transaction with the three initially carved out terminals in Turkey and on the Canary Islands is subject to the fulfilment of certain conditions precedent, not all of which have been satisfied.

APM Terminals launched a project to build a new five million TEU capacity terminal in Tangier, Morocco, which is scheduled to become operational in 2019. APM Terminals MedPort Tangier will have up to 2,000 meters of quay and will increase the Tangier Med complex’s overall capacity to over nine million TEUs. APM Terminals initiated the first phase of an upgrading and expansion program for Port Elizabeth, New York, USA, for the terminal to handle larger vessels arriving through the widened Panama Canal. APM Terminals signed a contract to extend the reach of ten Ship-to-Shore (STS) cranes at Pier 400 Los Angeles, California, America’s largest gateway port. The STS cranes will be able to accommodate Ultra-Large Container Ships of up to 20,000 TEU capacity.

APM Terminals has concluded agreements with China COSCO Shipping Ports and Qingdao Port International Development to sell a minority share of the existing reefer terminal and the new terminal under construction in Vado, Italy. After completing the transaction, APM Terminals will retain a 50.1% share and will operate both terminals.

Cash flow from operating activities was USD $819 million (USD $874 million). Cash flow used for capital expenditure was USD $1.5 billion (USD $774 million), mainly due to the TCB acquisition. APM Terminals’ volume in 2016 was 37.3 million TEUs (36 million TEUs), weighted equity share. This was 3.7% higher than 2015 mainly due to the TCB volumes. Adjusting for TCB, as well as terminals divested in 2015, like-for-like volumes increased by 1%, driven by hub terminals and terminals in North Asia and South East Asia.