Living your values

In every corner of the world and in every business area, you will live the same core values. Competing in the market place in an ethical way, you are a valuable and solid business partner.

You work towards the future, operating in a careful and humble way while demonstrating transparency and inspiring others.

You conduct business at the highest level of ethical, environmental and societal standards in line with APM Terminals core values.

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What you are proud of

Accountability: You take full responsibility right from the start, ownership matters. Everywhere in the company you expect high performance and advancement.

Agility: You apply learning from experience in a new setting right away. Successful performance requires deployment of new skills, approaches and technologies to constantly meet changing market needs.

Collaboration: Teamwork doesn't stop with your colleagues, but extends to your business partners. You learn from others and pull together in a global business setting.

Excellence: You want to excel in your technical expertise and you strive to continuously advance functional capabilities in a global workplace.

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You aspire appropriate rewards for increased responsibilities

Since talented employees are the foundation of our company culture and success, your performance will be rewarded in a way that promotes continued achievement. APM Terminals offers employees fair, competitive compensation and rewards which include continuous development opportunities.

You are in charge of your professional growth.

APM Terminals’ encourages you to assume ownership of your development with the full support of the organisation. To enable you, we offer some of the best learning tools and training programs within the industry. We partner with our leading professionals, run top talent programs and develop leaders to be role models.

Lifting your career at APM Terminals starts with you 

Our growth ambitions and business plans call for the best people, generalists and specialists alike, to help us succeed in all markets in any economic cycle. Our job portal offers you the ability to search current job openings around the world. Lifting your career at APM Terminals starts with you.