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At APM Terminals Apapa, our Customers have the highest priority.
We have in place an ultra-modern Customer Service office located on the terminal, right beside the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) Office, for ease of business.
The Customer Service office is set up to run 7 days a week; handling the billing, documentation and releasing aspects of our business. These functions are performed electronically aiding transparency and convenience.
Customer service functions include: - generation of terminal invoices/receipts, scheduling for NCS examination and generation of terminal delivery orders.
 All customer service staff are experienced professionals, adept at providing solutions to all customer complaints/enquiries making doing business with APM Terminals Apapa the preferred option.

Customer Service  

Our customer service process begins with Ticketing. Please find the ticketing process below:

  • The customer selects his/her desired service on the electronic ticketing machine and a number is duly assigned to them.
  • An invoice is generated; to be paid up to his/her preferred date at the self - service kiosk available at our Customer Service office or on the APMT portal
  • Invoice payment then is made via bank draft, POS, Electronic transfer, Debit card payment on the APM Terminals portal or any designated Zenith Bank branch.
  • After payment, the customer will obtain a receipt online via the APM Terminals Portal or from APM Terminals at the Receipting Desk upon confirmation of payment from the Bank.
  • The customer then proceeds to complete his/her Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) assessment and ensures all duties are paid.
  • The customer then books for NCS examination; if the container is on the Red Channel (physical examination) or on Yellow channel (Scanning) respectively.
  • The customer then proceeds to the Exit Note desk at the APMT customer service office for his/her Exit Note, which is issued on confirmation that containers have been released by NCS.
  • With copies of all the above outlined documents and the Shipping Line Delivery Order, the customer then proceeds to the Terminal Delivery Order (TDO) Desk where his/her “Pre-Gate ticket” is generated.

*** Please note that if the container is slated for fast track/ bond the customer will not have to go through the NCS examination booking process but may proceed directly to the TDO Desk to obtain his/her TDO. This will be issued on confirmation that the Transire document has been dispatched to APMT by NCS and there is a release from the shipping line.

Customer Service phone numbers:
+234 -1-9033805
+234 (0) 9039763068