The Kobe Terminal has successfully built up its reputation by offering our customers uncompromising quality, reliability and flexible services.  Situated in the strategic location in between the large commercial cities of Osaka and Kobe, the terminal has been strongly playing the vital role as the main hub port connecting to more than 10 off-dock/on-dock facilities in Western Japan through extensive super-highways and domestic feeders.

With three excellent berths (RC-3/4/5), two post-panamax container vessels and one feeder can be accommodated at one time. The Terminal’s vessel operation and yard planning are concurrently managed in order to facilitate the smooth traffic flow inside the terminal.  In today world’s technology, we have embraced the modern terminal system and the advanced equipments to ensure the shortest berthing duration with maintaining 100% accuracy.  The Terminal’s current gantry crane productivity, constantly over 45 moves per hour, is ranked as one of the top line terminals. 

Our terminal can safely and smoothly handle not only standard containers but also any type of cargoes such as heavy, dangerous, Out-of-Gauge cargoes operated by professionally experienced operators in conjunction with special supplementary equipments. The instant automated online connection between terminal operating system and customs system through EDI has been set up to remove all unnecessary paperwork and expedite the operation’s commencement. The well-managed warehouse facility (CFS) is provided for the customers’ convenience who can choose to stuff, unstuff or cross-dock the cargo inside the terminal to minimize the customers’ transportation cost and minimize dispatch time. 

The Kobe Terminal is highly regarded as one of the world’s best terminals. We treat our customers’ requirements on individual basis to provide a defect-free and customer-driven-oriented service. As customer, you get the most efficient cost and time saving solutions to your transport requirements. The improvement and development of better service quality is what we are pursuing to ensure customers’ satisfaction at the first time, every time.