All personnel in operational areas must wear PPE all the time.

Following are prohibited; (a) Working underneath the other operation. (b) Driving terminal equipment (transtainers, gantry cranes, truckheads, etc.) without license.

Any person who need to enter the operational areas are required to report to the terminal control center before entering.

It is prohibited to go underneath the containers which are hung by a crane.

On the gate operation, workers should make sure the trucks’ engines are stopped before checking or repairing of container roof.

Terminal equipment drivers are always required to drive safely, keep speed limit and to make sure those are in good condition to use.

All workers must show their ID cards in the terminal.

All visitors are requested to register and obtain visitor cards or show his/her PS card at the guardsmen house to enter into the terminal.

No TAXI and private cars are allowed to enter into the operation area without escort by yard cars.