Lazaro Cardenas

APM Terminals, recognizing the unique characteristics of the Port of Lazaro Cardenas, as one of the most competitive and strategic ports in the West Coast of America is creating the port infrastructure to  strengthen the trade from Asia to Mexico and America. 

APM Terminals will offer the first semi-automated terminal in México and Latin America that will allow efficient and effective operational processes under strict security measures to reassure cargo owners, with the highest safety standards.  

APM Terminals Lazaro Cardenas will be linked through an intermodal transport corridor to the intermidal facility in Cuautitlan, which has an strategic location near 250 distribution centers, having access to México biggest consumer market, representing over 20 million people and 26% of Mexico’s GDP.

Location details

Container Terminal II.

Inside the Lazaro Cárdenas Port
Isla del Cayacal.

ZIP 60950

Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán

APM Terminals Vado


The new Vado Ligure container terminal, that APM Terminals will open end 2017, will integrate the company's port network in the Med Sea, currently consisting of the terminals located in the ports of Gioia Tauro, Port Said, Tangiers (transhipment) and Algeciras (transhipment and Iberian regional market).

The terminal is aimed at large global shipping companies operating in the Med Sea with large vessels of +14-15,000 TEU that will serve the import/export trade between the Middle East/lndia/Far East and the European hinterand market that stretches from northern Italy to Switzerland and Bavaria.

lntermodality will be encouraged: as for inland forwarding, the goal is to move up to 40% of the total traffìc via rail.

The terminal in Vado has several advantages over Ligurian/ Tyrrhenian range options:

-the effìcient connection to Northern ltaly's transport network, with a direct slip road to the new dedicated motorway gate and traffìc-free railway lines from Savona to Turin and Alessandria, perfectly fìtting freight transport needs.
-the ability to accommodate the large ships sailing on the Far East/Europe routes, thanks to the natural deep waters (over 15 m), the absence of limits to crane dimension and the easy nautical access.

-the fast container cycle, thanks to the terminal's operating system (semi-automated yard cranes) and the “one stop shop” customs services.

-the availability of logistics services at the back of the port, allowing to enhance value proposition to customers, offering a complete and cost-effective range of solutions.

-the high environmental effìciency, through the use of low-impact technologies provided by the Environmental Development Program adopted by APM Terminals.

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APM Terminals Moin, Costa Rica

In February of 2011, APM Terminals won an international public bid and later that year signed a 33-year concession contract with the Government of Costa Rica to design, finance, construct, operate and maintain a specialized container terminal off the Caribbean coast of Moin, Limon. A few months later the contract was ratified by the National Controller’s Offices which started the first phase of the project with an 18-month in-depth environmental, social and economic impact study. The 1800 page report was submitted to the environmental agency (SETENA) in early 2014 and today we continue to work with agency engineers interpreting, clarifying and evaluating results of the study. During the same period the APM Terminals contract with the State of Costa Rica stood the test of three legal challenges and was ratified as valid and legal in all three instances, most recently in the country’s Supreme Court.

The Container Terminal of Moin (Spanish acronym of TCM) is strategically located in the Limon / Moin port complex which currently services 80% of the country´s international commerce. This deep water terminal, only 160 nautical miles North of the Panama Canal, is poised to service the new Panamax vessels beginning in early 2018. The efficiency designed in the TCM will drastically raise productivity to industry standard reducing wait-time and turnaround time with utmost safety and security, beginning with 25 moves-per-hour with a target of exceeding 35. The 7,056 refer plugs are intended to boost the country´s global leadership in the export of fresh fruits and flowers. The TCM is poised to accommodate the country’s traffic growth expectations for decades to come.

The TCM, as part of the port authority´s modernization plans, complemented by the planned national government infrastructure projects, raises the profile of the entire Caribbean Costa Rica region as a strategic geographical hub location for Free Zone and Industrial Parks with warehousing, final assembly and distribution to the Americas market as well as Europe. In essence the region is been positioned as the country´s strongest multimodal logistics centre with sea and air ports as well as rail and roads.

The TCM is currently awaiting an environmental license and the construction start order in order to break ground early 2015 and inaugurate operations late 2017.


APM Terminals global safety standards will be implemented as a minimum on all construction phase operations, supplemented by the competences of industry leading contractors engaged on the project. All operations will be risk assessed in advance of commencement, to identify known and potential risks to site personnel. Compliance of the methods of work execution will be overseen by the APM Terminals site team, the consultant engineers and designers and the in house staff of the contractors. We shall operate a Don’t Walk By system where anyone shall be empowered to immediately stop any works or acts deemed unsafe.

A systematic checking of equipment and daily logs of same will ensure equipment is maintained to the highest standards and use of appropriate PPE will be mandatory. Zero tolerance on infringements of the APM Terminals safety policy will be enforced through the supply chain without exception.


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Waugh, Kenneth
Manager Director

APM Terminals Moin, SA
25m Oeste del Black Star Line
Plaza Puerto Limon, Piso 2
Limón Centro, Costa Rica
Tel.: (506) 2520-6501

Address and driving directions

- Office address:  APM Terminals Moin, SA, 25m West of Black Star Line, Plaza Puerto Limon, 

2nd Floor, Limon Centro, Costa Rica, Tel.: (506) 2799-8400

- Driving directions:  From San Jose take R32 East 160Km to Limon City, turn North on R257 and drive 3Km to the TCM.