In order to be granted access into the North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven all persons have to report to NTB Truck-Gate Clerk. He will provide the necessary information and further instructions for entry into the terminal yard.

These rules are in place to protect terminal personnel, truck drivers and visitors. In addition to the specific instructions received, all drivers and visitors are requested to strictly observe the following rules:


- Observe 30 km/h speed limit, conditions permitting.
- Always turn on your low-beams. 
- No walking in the yard. Drivers are required to remain in their trucks while in the terminal
- All persons have to wear high visibility clothes.
- Come to a full and complete stop at all Stop signs and all intersections.
- Trains have priority. 
- No U-turns in terminal area.
- Watch for other vehicles and traffic in the yard.
- Do not pass straddle carriers.
- Remain at safety distance behind the vehicle in front of you in the terminal. 
- Do not take shortcuts in the container handling equipment pads. Once you enter a pad go straight.
- There are no left or right turns allowed through the pads.
- Maintain the correct clearance from container handling equipment and forklifts. 
- Machinery operators CANNOT see you. Please be alert.
- Before going under the container handling equipment please unlock twist-locks.
- Drivers must ensure doors on containers are closed before travelling through the yard.
- Watch for other vehicles and traffic in the yard.
- Please help keep our property clean. Please dispose of litter and other refuse properly.
- Drivers and visitors most follow the instructions of NTB Terminals personnel. 
- Have a safe trip. We look forward to your return.


- All visitors must use the shuttle service, if possible.
- All self-drivers will be guided to ships. Please ask the NTB Truck-Gate Clerk
- You must use a red flashlight on your vehicle. It is possible to borrow one of the lights at truck interchange. Return it when leaving the terminal.
- Berth parking is permitted at the bow or stern of the ship. Please follow the instructions of terminal personnel.
- Leave the terminal at the same gate as entered and report to the NTB Truck-Gate Clerk.