Our partners

Our Business Partners make us stronger

We are proud to say that APM Terminals works with best-in-class Business Partners to help our customers succeed in the marketplace.  Our Joint ventures with local businesses, governments and customers are the foundation for our growth strategy. 

Together we make a world of difference

When you partner with APM Terminals, you are collaborating with a global port operator that has a proud history of innovation, excellence and global scale. As a port infrastructure leader, we are  helping nations achieve their ambitions – creating new jobs and economic prosperity.

Join us as we reshape the port industry, helping clients solve complex issues, creating new solutions for global supply chains and lifting global trade to new levels.   Our services and Global Terminal Network Portfolio are creating opportunities for our Business Partners around the world. 

Our Labor Partners

APM Terminals works closely with our Labor Partners worldwide to keep global trade moving in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Global trade will always find the most competitive way to flow – so we work closely with Labor Leaders to make our ports safe, productive and competitive to help business succeed. 

Shipping is a repeat business – you must demonstrate consistent performance every day to earn the business. Shipping lines, importers/exporters, procurement professionals and supply chain leaders have many choices in ports – and they expect high performance ports when they make their business plans.