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Status Update Report
[Los Angeles]

OVERALL: Terminal Hours of Operation (Week 48) - Pier 400 is open: **Monday through Wendesday: 1st Shift Full service Gates 07:00-17:00 (Import delivery ends at 16:00) / 2nd Shift Full Service Gates 17:00-02:30 (Import grounded delivery ends at 01:00)** **Thursday 11/27/14 - closed for Thanksgiving Holiday ** Friday: 1st Shift Full Service Gate 07:00-17:00 (Import delivery ends at 15:30) /2nd Shift Wheeled Imports and Horizon Lines ONLY** ** Saturday, 11/29/14 - 1st Shift Full Service Gate 07:00-16:00 (Import delivery ends @ 15:30)** **Sundays: Closed** **PLEASE NOTE FRIDAY 2ND SHIFT AND SATURDAY 1ST SHIFT GATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE**

YARD: Lane 11 at roadability is for bobtail only. Any trucks entering this lane with any chassis will be stopped and will result in a delay for other drivers. Drivers must NOT drop ANY equipment in the North Gate parking area. Doing this will result in the driver being banned from Pier 400 and required to attend STEP Class. Parking at the North Gate is TEMPORARY PARKING to be used only by drivers needing assistance at the trouble booth resolution area. Once the driver is issued a valid ticket, they are to proceed to the designated area. ***NOTE: Traffic fines will be imposed on the violating trucking company per APM Terminal tariff in the near future***

GATE: **Due to US Customs schedule changes, the Out-gate will now open at 08:00 instead of 07:00, and will close at 02:30, however Pier 400 will continue to open the in-gate at 07:00. Due to the CBP out-gate closure at 02:30, the last available appointment for grounded import delivery will now be from 00:00-01:00. There will NOT be a 30 minute grace period after 01:00 – the drivers must be inside the terminal by 01:00 in order to receive grounded import containers.**

EMPTY RETURNS: Please remind your drivers when conducting an empty transaction at Pier 400 that they must proceed directly to the location indicated on the routing ticket. Please pass these instructions on to all your drivers and ensure they fully understand these instructions. Additionally, please remind your drivers to stop at all stop signs and when necessary, queue in an orderly fashion and remain in their truck. If you have questions, please contact the respective shipping lines.

CHASSIS: APM Terminals Pier 400 does not accept WCCP chassis (regardless of whether attempting to deliver a load or an empty). Drivers will be turned at security. For all chassis questions, please contact our customer service team. Our customer service team can be reached at 310-221-4001 during the first shift and 310-221-4395 during the second shift.

LINES: Please check Export 1st and last receiving dates by clicking on the VESSEL SCHEDULE icon at the bottom of the Termpoint home page.

SAFETY: Effective 7/1/13, fines will be implemented for Safety/Traffic Violations and Mis-Park Violations. The fines are $100 per offense. These are in addition to the requirement of attending S.T.E.P. classes. Please see the advisory that was sent to the trucking community on 6/24/13 for further details. There should be NO unapproved OTR traffic located on the highline, or road nearest to the dock where the vessel is working. Cell phone use while driving is prohibited. All drivers must wear a high-visibility, reflective vest. Drivers must remain in their vehicles at all times. Drivers found in violation of any rules may be banned until they attend our STEP class.

MARITIME SECURITY: Nothing to report in Maritime Security.

IT SYSTEMS: Nothing to report in IT Systems.

UPCOMING CLOSURES: **J03**, **J04**, **J05**, **H03**, **H04**, **H05**, FOR 1ST SHIFT** ~~~ **NO CLOSED AREAS ON 2ND SHIFT**

OTHER: **For Termpoint issues please call Customer Service @ 310.221.4496**

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