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Status Update Report

OVERALL: Diverted Vancouver Cargo: If you are experiencing issues with Customs releases, contact our Terminal Solutions Center @ 1-866-855-8552 Demurrage or Exam Payments: Register for access to our Terminal Online Payment System (TOPS) Or call 1-866-855-8552 opt #4 for account set up and assistance Terminal will be open Friday April 18th.

YARD: Not familiar with the terminals yard layout? You can refer to the map on the back of your ticket for row locations.

GATE: Gate hours: Mon, Tues,Thurs: 08:00-11:45, 13:00-16:00 Wed, Fri: 07:00-11:45, 13:00-22:00 Night gates on Wednesday and Friday for Horizon Lines only. No grounded delivery will be available. Trouble Ticket? Follow instructions on wall of our Drivers Assistance building, or call 1-866-855-8552

EMPTY RETURNS: Diverted Vancouver cargo empties will not be returned to APMT Tacoma

CHASSIS: Truckers picking up Vancouver cargo must provide their own chassis

LINES: Horizon Lines Hapag Lloyd OOCL NYK ZIM

SAFETY: Please remove all zip ties and straps prior to entry. Delashing / unlocking of containers may be performed under the awning prior to entry lanes.

MARITIME SECURITY: Nothing to report in Maritime Security.

IT SYSTEMS: Terminal Online Payment System (TOPS) TERMView Mobile is now available! Check Bookings, container availability and vessel schedules from your mobile device.

UPCOMING CLOSURES: Terminal will be open on Friday April 18th (Good Friday)

OTHER: In bound gate lane #8 has been coned off to provide a safety zone for drivers during the lunch break. Drivers are allowed out their trucks, in the safety lane to transit to the Honey Bucket, stretch their legs, or gather to talk during the Lunch hour only. This is not for any other time. Drivers should use the Bldg. 50 shed to perform comfort and preparation tasks prior to driving up to the pedestals. Drivers outside of their trucks and in the lanes will be cited by Security or Management which could result in loss of Access to the Terminal. This condition will exist until such time as Lane #8 is needed to support operations.

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Port of Tacoma Clean Truck Program

All drayage trucks entering Port terminals must display a Port of Tacoma Clean Truck Program Sticker by Jan. 1, 2011. Trucks without stickers will be identified, and the operator, shipper or cargo owner will be notified that the truck does not comply with Port requirements.

For more information on qualifications and registration please visit

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