It is the policy of APM Terminals to conduct its activities in a manner that protects the health and safety of its employees and that the actions of the company and its employees do not harm the health and safety of others.

APM Terminals is committed to the protection and conversation of the environment and places high priority on environmental consideration in managing its business.

Occupational Health, Safety, Environment and Security at APMT Apapa 
APMT Apapa believes we must be a good corporate citizen. A key portion of this, is implementing programs that protect the health and safety of our employees and of everyone who visits our terminal; ensuring that we minimize our impact on the environment, and provide effective security for our terminal.

Occupational health and safety (OSH) rests on 3 foundations - safe designssafe conditions andsafe behaviors. We take considerable care to ensure that all three are in place in APMT Apapa. Furthermore, our employees are a key portion of our OSH effort, we try as much as possible to educate, train and encourage their active participation on daily basis. In addition to this, APMT Apapa has various environmental initiatives for employees such as controlling and cleaning up occasional spills of petroleum products, and emergency response teams.