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Processes & Procedures

Full details of our processes and contact information can be found in our Communication Matrix.

Import Truck Appointments

Import gate-out appointments for containers can also be booked between 0800:1600 hours over Weekends and Public holidays. In addition, we are also be able to deliver bulk lot of import containers (minimum of 5 containers) between 18:00-21:00 hours from Saturday to Thursday, provided bill of lading details are furnished to us prior to vessel arrival. Bill of lading details should be shared with our Planning Manager Essam Al-Sadah ( with a copy to information...

Full export reefer container fast-lane procedure

A dedicated fast lane is being made available at the truck parking area, for fast tracking the gate-in of export full reefer containers into the terminal.

  • Trucker shall approach Customs office and obtain approval stamp on the full acceptance form (exit note).
  • Only once full acceptance form is stamped by Customs, shall the truck enter the fast lane, marked with the below sign.
  • Security staff located at the exit of parking area will receive the full acceptance letter from trucker and verify that the form is related to a reefer export shipment.
    Note: If container is found to be a non-export full reefer, then the trucker will be requested to go back and join the regular truck parking queue.
  • Security staff will release the truck and it will proceed to APM Terminals gate as soon as the next slot is available. Truck shall enter the port and proceed to Container yard to off-load the export full reefer container. 

Hazardous Cargo

Khalifa Bin Salman Port (KBSP) handles all types of hazardous cargo subject to compliance with the following requirements. No additional approval from APM Terminals' planning team is required for hazardous shipments being discharged or loaded at KBSP.

IMCO Class 1 and 7

  • Consignee/Shipper should obtain necessary approvals from appropriate government entities and share the same with APM Terminals planning team, 72 hours prior to vessel’s arrival or gate-in of export cargo.

IMCO Class 1: Explosives (All) | Class 5: Oxidizers – Only 5.2 | Class 6: Poisonous substances – only Class 6.1 and 6.2 | Class 7: Radioactive material (All)

  • 100% surcharge shall apply for discharging/loading of above IMO classified cargo. Storage charges would be BHD 88/per day/per container, without any free days being applicable (sections 4.1.6 & 4.5.5 of the Bahrain Ports Tariff).

Agents should submit MSDS and Cargo Manifest of all hazardous containers/cargo (Import, Export & Transhipment) to APM Terminals planning team at least 72 hours prior to vessel’s arrival.

Vessel Departure Form

As part of the Ministry of Transport & Telecommunications efforts to safeguard customers, you are kindly requested to forward Permission for Vessel to Depart forms (pdf) to Approvals will be forwarded to Customs Affairs via email. 

Access restrictions 

Shipments exceeding 5 meters in height leaving the port, should notify the traffic department for escorting.

Customer refunds

Please complete our Customer Refund Form to make a claim. Completed forms should be emailed to