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APM Terminals Castellon Spain ariel view

APM Terminals Castellón

Located between Valencia and Barcelona on Spain’s east coast, APM Terminals Castellón has direct train connections with the hinterland and serves the Mediterranean area, the Middle East and North Africa. Learn more...

News & Operational Updates

APM Terminals Castellon operating /gate hours on Eastern period

Please, take into consideration gang nomination, deadlines and holidays on the forthcoming Easter Period

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APM Terminals Castellon operating/gate hours on 18th and 19th March San José holiday

Please find below operating/ gate hours on 18th and 19th March at APM Terminals Castellon due to San José Holiday on Friday 19/March

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New time and money-saving services available at APM Terminals Castellon

We at APM Terminals constantly strive to provide reliable and innovative services to our customers. In order to continue offering integrated solutions we are now providing new services in our facilities in APM Terminals Castellon, which can save customers both time and money.

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