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APM Terminals Aarhus increases reefer capacity to meet rising demand

Following record reefer volume growth for APM Terminals Aarhus in the second half of 2019, primarily due to the rapid growth of Danish pork exports to China, the trend has continued, despite the impact of COVID-19. Reefer volumes are up 25% in Q1 2020 versus the same period last year.

APM Terminals will significantly increase the capacity to handle reefer containers and thereby secure customers rising cold chain distribution. In 2019, the terminal invested in new reefer rack for connecting additional reefer containers. Due to this continuing growth, the terminal has brought forward plans to invest approximately USD 1,7m (DKK 11,5m) in an additional 183 plugs by September this year.

This will increase the terminal’s total capacity for loaded containers to 1,200 plugs. The terminal also has plugs for PTI and preparation of reefers. 

“The extra plugs will allow us to increase our capacity and operational efficiency,” said Helle Almind, Head of Commercial at APM Terminals Aarhus. “With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to affect supply chains, this increase will also mean we can offer more flexibility for storage and delivery times and continue the high standards of service our customers are used to.” 

As part of our sustainability agenda APM Terminal Aarhus reefer monitoring group Danref, which provides daily connections and monitoring of more than 1000 filled reefer containers, has become the first in Denmark to complete its rounds using an Electric vehicle.