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20 Years of Passion and Pride

20th-anniversary-logoAPM Terminals’ anniversary marks not only two decades as the world’s most advanced port network, but also 20 years of unprecedented positive impact on global, regional and local businesses, communities and economies. As a frontrunner in the industry, our 22,000 employees work with great drive, passion and pride to help our customers achieve better supply chain efficiency, flexibility and dependability.


APM Terminals Today

APM Terminals operations began in 1958 with a general cargo facility at the Port of New York. In 1966, its very first international container operations launched with the loading of 236 containers onto the Sea-Land Fairland at Port Elizabeth, USA bound for Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Both of these landmarks occurred under the Maersk brand. On 25 June, 2001, a separate entity, APM Terminals was created, to drive the company's terminal business forward. 

20 year's later and the company's global network consists of 75 terminals, with several more under construction. Below, some of our employees talk about the APM Terminals of today, what the company represents, how it excels and what it means to them personally.

Katherine López


Safety Supervisor, Katherine López, talks about the importance of safety and security at APM Terminals Moín, Costa Rica, where the secret of success lies in collaboration.

Rahul Padmashali


Rahul Padmashali, a Quay Crane Operator at APM Terminals Mumbai (India) for more than 15 years, expresses his appreciation for the safe and open culture and the support that he and his colleagues receive.

Alba López


Maintenance Operator, Alba López, firmly believes that together with APM Terminals Barcelona (Spain) she's opened the doors for other women to join her in what was once a male dominated specialism.

Roberto Rodi

Roberto Rodi

When Robert Rodi, Manager Terminal Operations System at APM Terminals Itajaí (Brazil) talks about how the terminal and the people of Itajaí have stood side-by-side during the COVID crisis, his pride in working for the company is unmistakable.

Saba Nanava


As a Yard & Cargo Planner, Saba Nanava is proud to have contributed to keeping the supply chain moving during the global pandemic, at APM Terminals Poti, which handles 80% of the containers passing through Georgia.

Children’s Activity Book

Join Molly & Muscles to learn more about APM Terminals and the great people we work with.



Download the activity book and print it out on A4 paper in full color, double sided to get started. 

There is even a contest where you can win a prize in the center of the activity book - act fast as the contest closes in November.


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