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APM Terminals Vado Gateway Launch

Company Culture

Our Values

APM Terminals’ Core Values and related business standards are more than just words; we live by them each day and they determine how we make and prioritise daily decisions, ultimately ensuring the long-term success of the company. Our values, together with our Code of Conduct, govern the way we do business.

  • Constant Care - Take care of today, actively prepare for tomorrow. What it means as a core value: Forward thinking, planning and execution. Being informed, innovative and seeking out new ideas. Looking for changes in the environment.
  • Humbleness - Listen, learn, share, and give space to others. What it means as a core value: Showing trust and giving empowerment. Having an attitude of continuous learning. Never underestimating our competitors or other stakeholders.
  • Uprightness - Our word is our bond. What it means as a core value: Honesty and accountability. Openness about the good and the bad. Speaking your mind in the debate, but backing the decision.
  • Our Employees - The right environment for the right people. What it means as a core value: Attracting and retaining the right people, building the right team. Providing opportunities for continual development. Rewarding performance, promoting for potential.
  • Our Name - The sum of our Values: passionately striving higher. What it means as a core value: The embodiment of our values. Passion and pride for what we do and how we do it. Our image in the eyes of our customers and the external world.

Way of Working

Introduced in 2018, APM Terminals Way of Working (WoW) is a business system that drives us to continuously improve our business performance by developing our people, whilst keeping them safe and focussed on delivering value to our customers.

With our APM Terminals WoW, we are establishing a foundation to success through defined, repeatable and documented processes, carried out by competent and accountable people with a continuous focus on performance and improvement
Paul Nestor, Head of WoW Transformation 

At APM Terminals, our WoW business system enables us to develop a genuine culture of continuous improvement. Based on established Lean thinking and methodologies, our WoW business system is enabling us to transform our organisation by re-tooling and re-educating our people to eliminate waste, boost productivity and promote innovation every day.

Ultimately our WoW allows us to optimise our resources, efforts and energies towards creating value for our customers, whilst ensuring that our people go home safe.


    Wow Achievements

    • Lean Acacdemy GraduatesVia our Lean Academy, almost half of our employees have been trained and equipped on our Lean methodologies 
    • Over 5,000 Kaizen (continuous improvement) opportunities, which impact customer experience or the safety of our people, have been delivered
    • WoW opportunities have resulted in millions of dollars’ worth of savings to our organisation and our customers
    • Customer Satisfaction (Net Promotor Score) has increased every year for the last 4 years
    • Thousands of Leader Led Safety walks are carried out every year to ensure our operations are as safe as possible


    Listen to our Senior Management explain how our WoW is a fundamental part of our transformation

    Ways of Working Model

    We structure how we operate and improve our business, based on global standards, best practice and a relentless customer focus. Our Ways of Working diagram shows the key elements of our business system; Performance, People, Standards and Kaizen (Continuous Improvement).