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Driving the decarbonisation of our industry

At APM Terminals we’re well aware that our industry is a significant contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. As a global integrator of port solutions, we’re also aware that we share the responsibility for reducing these emissions.

APM Terminals emits around half a million tonnes of CO2 annually - the same amount of CO2 as an average European city with a population of around 120,000. That’s a bit more than Jönköping in Sweden and a bit less than Exeter in the UK

Unlocking a more sustainable tomorrow together

As part of the A. P. Moller-Maersk group we have committed to Net Zero Greenhouse Emissions by 2040. We have also committed to a 70% reduction in absolute (total) emissions as an interim milestone for the period 2020-2030. This is the most ambitious target set by any terminal operator to date. To meet this commitment we are working hard to achieve zero-emission container handling services, without using carbon offsetting. Instead, we are utilising technologies in our terminals to deliver zero-emission container handling services. 

The Net Zero criteria use the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), which includes a societal commitment to act now and drive material impact in this decade, and a commitment to deliver net zero supply chains to customers by 2040. We appointed a dedicated Head of Decarbonization, Sahar Rashidbeigi in November 2021 to support this transition. As recommended by SBTi, over the decade APM Terminals and Maersk will go above and beyond the 1.5°C aligned targets and invest in building a portfolio of natural climate solutions that will result in around five million tons of CO2 savings per year by 2030.

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There is no doubt that for our customers, the most important requirement is that transport solutions are competitive, reliable, and increasingly low environmental impact. Through the pilot programmes we’ve already run and careful analysis, we’ve shown that sustainable solutions support all of these requirements.  

In the intermodal area between landside logistics and ocean freight, APM Terminals is ideally positioned to offer its shipping line customers, freight forwarders, and cargo owners an unparalleled opportunity to decarbonise their logistics chains. 

Zero-emission E2E logistics chain

We have the capability to expand the zero-emission ocean freight services offered by some of our shipping line customers through the zero-emissions services we can provide during port calls (see below). Furthermore, the investments we’re making to provide low and zero-emission landside logistics allows us to support a complete near zero-emission E2E logistics chain.