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Innovation, Safety, efficiency and protection of the environment are at the core of every investment in the terminal. 

APM Terminals RTGs are equipped with an Active Load Control system, which prevents container sway and significantly improves container handling performance. They also feature DGPS Autosteering, which keeps the crane on a pre-programmed, straight driving path, as well as a Stack Collision Prevention system and TRUCONNECT® remote monitoring system.

A €2.2 million investment in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology at the terminal gate, together with a truck appointment system for the delivery and collection of containers, has significantly improved Truck Turn Times. Better managed truck traffic also reduces the risk of accidents. Truckers scan a code to gain access to one of four gate lanes, where entry tickets are automatically printed. Two additional lanes are designated for trucks exiting the terminal.

In 2018, APM Terminals Algeciras invested 3.2 million euros in a project to change the voltage level of its power supply from 20 to 66 KV. The project will create a substantial improvement in the quality of supply, safety and productivity, reducing the risk of power cuts and disturbances in the network. It will also reduce the terminals electricity bill by 800,000 euros. The energy comes from 100% renewable sources.