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APM Terminals Algeciras to install 65 ozone generators to support facility disinfection

200408-apm-terminals-algeciras-generadores-de-ozono-3APM Terminals will commence using 65 ozone generators next week, considered by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the most effective disinfectants in the world to eliminate microorganisms such as those that make up the Coronavirus.

The terminal has invested more than 40,000 euros in the ozonators, which will complement existing sanitary and hygiene measures already in place for the prevention of infections.

Through this investment, the company consolidates and strengthens the protection of its workforce, who carry out an activity classified as essential for transport and for supplying the population and, in particular, health centers that care for people infected by the spread of the pandemic.

The strengthening of the cleaning protocols of APM Terminals Algeciras has led to the incorporation of 67 workers to date, whose activity has focused on the disinfection of cranes, vehicles, changing rooms, winches, plus all the equipment, both in the yard and in offices, which is used every shift. To this increase in the workforce is now added the incorporation of ozonizers, whose first 25 units, provided by the Kalmar company, will arrive at port facilities from next week.

Since the start of the pandemic, and following the instructions of the Spanish Government, APM Terminals has also been working on a triple line of protection for its workers.

On the one hand, it is seeking to promote work from home for those positions that allows it. On the other, it has imposed a minimum two-meter distance between employees in the control room, to which it has restricted access, promoting communication by telephone and email, between employees and with the ships' crew. And finally, it has distributed information from the Ministry of Health with personal hygiene measures, in addition to hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers, nitrile gloves and sanitary napkins, plus keyboards and mice, which have been delivered to workers who are on duty, to stop them from being shared.


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