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Commissioning of 12 new RTG cranes commences at APM Terminals Algeciras

Over the coming weeks, APM Terminals Algeciras will bring 12 new Konecranes Rubber Tired Gantry (RTG) cranes into operation. The equipment arrived at the terminal last July for assembly. The new machinery is part of a project to replace the oldest fleet, led by Sara Haro, Head of RTG cranes, and Juan Miguel García, Head of Projects.

"Entry into operation of the new cranes will result in a leap in quality for yard operations, both at a technical and safety level, and also in terms of ergonomics and support for operators," said José Miguel Carreño, Head of Asset Maintenance.

For the disassembly of the old Noell and ZPMC RTGs being replaced, the Asset Maintenance team has selected a controlled lowering system, a safer method that avoids disassembly work at height, and reduces disassembly time.

“The main advantage of this method by lowering RTGs is in safety because we reduce working at height to a maximum of two hours, when the usual method takes several days. This process entails a complex structural calculation, to determine the mechanical conditions of the manoeuvre", explained Juan Jesús Lara, responsible for the project. “This way the disassembly of each crane is carried out in two days inside the terminal, and enables us to segregate and recycle matierals.”

The new Konecranes RTGs offer improved features for loading and unloading containers in the stacks of APM Terminals’ transshipment hub yard located in the Strait of Gibraltar. New features result in environmental, equipment and safety improvements.

The new RTGs also offer numerous features for the operator, for positioning and operations. These include a new system of cameras and sensors, as well as new functionalities, such as the “anti-truck lifting” mechanism, which detects if a container has not been released from the truck chassis correctly.


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