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Global Kaikaku Kaizen Event 2023: teamwork for process improvement

APM Terminals Algeciras has joined the celebration of the Kaikaku Kaizen Event 2023. This is a global initiative that, under the motto "Together, we break through", works on radical changes to improve the business and become the world's best terminal company.

Two teams, focused on absenteeism reduction and break-bulk cargo handling, are putting their hearts and brains in the game these days to learn, implement and deliver results in these areas of improvement by applying Lean tools to make an impact, reduce waste and exceed our customers' expectations.

During the week, the components of the 2 kaizens have gone to GEMBA - the place where the events happen - to define the current status of their processes and define the countermeasures and standardized processes needed, to reach the defined goals. Furthermore, hearing the voice of the customer, implementing and visualizing the effects of the actions, which after this implementation, will enter in to a sustainability phase.

This same week we have also celebrated that our colleague David García has obtained the Lean level 6 certification, Congratulations David!

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