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Invoicing & Payments

Payment Options

Wallet (Auto Depo)

The Auto Depo product aka APMT Wallet is a prepayment plan that reduces the need for customers to raise invoices. The system (my wallet) makes deductions from the customer’s deposit account with APM Terminals, Apapa per container at gate out. It features an automated daily account and balance statement.

Other available features include self-update for applicable and additional charges on term view. This is a great improvement over previous payment procedures.


  1. You will also no longer be bothered or delayed by the need to pay for additional as this will be automatically taken care of.
  2. You will no longer need  to wait for payment updates, or encounter system issues making payment, therefore hastening your clearing time.
  3. You no longer need to keep revalidating your payments.
  4. Not limited to working hours.
  5. Eliminates wrong rating dates, double payment, or over payment, payment on wrong drafts.
  6. Payment is exact hence no excess storage thereby eliminating wastage from the time and resources deployed in applying for refunds and etc.
  7. Excess amounts on the account can be reused for other transactions, unlike the present excess storage which is  neither re-usable nor available for use on demand.

Your invoices will be sent to you after completion of the transaction and you will also receive updates of your balance per transaction as well/as required (See sample), and a statement as well (See sample).