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Invoicing & Payments

Invoicing & Receipts

Via our online platform TERMView, you can raise/rate invoices for your respective units from the comfort of your offices or even home, using either your computer or smart phone.

Payment Options


Our Wallet payment system is a prepayment plan that reduces the need to keep raising invoices to the barest minimum. Payments will automatically be charged and deducted from your Wallet per container on each transaction. Check your automated daily account and balance statement online at any time and make updates yourself for applicable and additional charges using our online platform TERMView. Upgrade to PREMIUM CUSTOMER experience for access to a dedicated email pool to manage your challenges and concerns.


  • Precise billing- Eliminates the need for payment and revalidation as this will be automatically delivered to you at gate out. 
  • Precise billing eliminates the need for refund due to actual rating.
  • Reduced clearing time as AUTO DEPO customers do not need to wait for payment updates which may tarry in the wake of a network challenge.
  • Eliminates wrong rating dates, double payment, over payment, payment on wrong drafts etc.
  • Payment is exact hence no excess storage due to overpayment as a result of unpredictability of a transaction.