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Dear Esteemed Customer, please be informed that 17 and 18th of June 2024 has been declared by the Federal Government as public holiday to celebrate Eid al-Adha. Operations at Vessel, gate and yard will continue 24/7 throughout the holiday. Learn more... To receive future operational updates via Email or SMS please subscribe to our Terminal Alerts.

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All trucks entering the terminal must meet certain minimum safety standards. If any trucks do not meet these standards, they will be denied access into the terminal.The following rules act as a guideline for truck drivers while they operate on the terminal.

10 Golden Rules

  1. Do not walk in the terminal yard (No Waka for Terminal)
  2. Drug and Alcohol is NOT Allowed
  3. Do NOT give BRIBES
  4. Incomplete/ Bad twist lock is NOT allowed
  5. Do NOT walk a into container stack
  6. Speed limit on the terminal is 30km/h
  7. No overtaking in the yard
  8. Slow down at traffic intersections
  9. Do NOT turn between Stacks
  10. Do not repair your truck in the yard