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ACT believes that success is not only measured by our economic value but also by the positive impact created for our employees, shareholders, and the communities in which we operate. As a responsible corporate citizen, we understand the importance of safeguarding the environment and contributing towards creating a sustainable future. 

artboard-eng-pngOur Sustainability Framework

Organising Our Approach

After the materiality assessment, ACT designed a comprehensive sustainability framework to formalize and concentrate our efforts on promoting sustainable development.

The framework includes 6 main pillars that highlight efforts and aims to create long-lasting shared value. Each of the pillars addresses specific sustainability-related areas such as decarbonization efforts and taking care of our people, the local communities, governance efforts as well as our approach to ensure a superior port experience.

Our Aspiration

  • Position ACT as the leading green hub for trade for Jordan and the Levant.
  • Deliver a superior port experience for shipping lines and landside customers.
  • Foster community prosperity in Aqaba through impactful outreach and engagement from our employees.

Stakeholder Engagement

ACT’s sustainability management program aims to integrate input from all stakeholders. We understand that open and transparent communication is paramount to continued positive relationships with our stakeholders.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

ACT pays much attention to the social aspect of sustainability and strives to create a balanced society that offers everyone equal opportunities to succeed and prosper. By collaborating with local organizations, we aim to improve the quality of life of the people of Aqaba and the adjacent areas.

Our community contributions are in line with national and international drivers; namely, The Jordan National Vision 2025, Jordan’s Economic Modernization Vision, and the UN SDGs. This is ensured by ACT’s Corporate Social Responsibility “CSR” Committee, which manages our CSR activities and evaluates projects’ efficiency and success. Furthermore, we abide by Maersk Group’s CSR Policy.

Strategic Community Investments

ACT’s CSR strategy focuses on three areas with the aim of having a greater impact in: education, well-being, and the environment. ACT is heavily involved in the community, listening to locals, non-profit partners, and employees. Our community activities are monitored, and the results of the initiatives are measured. This allows us to set future plans on how to further improve our CSR programs and ensure a wider outreach.

  • Education -  As part of its education initiatives, ACT focuses on providing educational opportunities for underprivileged children with the aim of offering them a better future. ACT provides school supplies and financial assistance to cover school tuition fees.
  • Environment - We aim to protect the environment and preserve natural resources. We conduct awareness raising activities to emphasize the importance of protecting the environment.
  • Well-being - ACT commits to good corporate citizenship, engaging in activities and initiatives that support the less fortunate and improve the community’s well-being. 
act 2023 sustainability report

Sustainability Report

This year ACT has updated its materiality matrix and sustainability framework to reflect changes across our business and the world. Through stakeholder engagement, analysis, and research, we identified the most relevant sustainability issues for our business and stakeholders. These updates will guide our sustainability efforts and decision-making, enabling us to focus on critical issues and create meaningful impacts in the short and long term.