Through prudent investment, ACT is proud of the role it plays in developing not only Aqaba, but Jordan's economic growth as a whole in terms of upgrading and expanding Jordan’s supply chain positioning through the Aqaba gateway making a significant contribution to the prosperity of the national economy.

Since 2006, the ACT has achieved an employee nationalization rate of 99.5%, developed an extensive Corporate Social Responsibility program and reinvested locally 97% of all revenue generated since 2006.

United Nations Global Compact signatory

We are confident that we can achieve long-term sustainable business success, through a strict adherence to principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and financial transparency and accountability, as listed in the United Nations Global Compact to which ACT is a signatory, by meeting or exceeding environmental regulations and by making safety and local job creation a priority as we expand our business interests.

Improving our environmental performance is another essential dimension of our sustainability efforts. As we continue to improve our environmental performance and reduce our operational environmental footprint, we are also working to help our customers to reduce their environmental footprint.

Education, Environment and Wellbeing

Holding the belief that sustainable development in the country will be achieved by arming a new generation of youth with knowledge, has made education programs one of the most important pillars of ACT’s community work.

In 2018, the Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT) ran its "Ikfal Taleb" campaign for the eighth year in a row, as a part of company’s commitment to continue serving the community and in order to relieve the parents and support them in carrying out school expenses for their children.

During the campaign 750 school bags including full stationary and books to cover the full year needs were distributed to 14 schools within Aqaba city and neighbouring villages including Qatar, Al-Risha, Rashidiya and Daisa. Supporting education is just one of many CSR projects that ACT develops to support the community under three key pillars which are Education (Ikfab Taleb, Al-Shamlah school, Aqaba University etc), Environment (Clean-up the World Campaign, Go-Green) and Wellbeing (Free medical day, KHCF, Run Jordan, Global Safety day, Charity people etc).

Internally, since 2008, ACT's budget for training and development has been increased by 66%. At present, ACT provides medical insurance coverage for 3,600 people, with all staff receiving health and safety training pertaining to the home as well as the workplace.

CSR Priniciples

Being a Good Neighbour

  • We aim to be a good corporate citizen by serving the Aqaba region and supporting disadvantaged communities.
  • The Aqaba community is considered in every aspect of our operation. We invest in community development initiatives by enhancing educational systems and supporting the local economy.

Community Investment and Development

  • Supporting the local community is part of ACT’s corporate social responsibility and its commitment to making a positive impact on Aqaba. All of ACT’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes are undertaken in Aqaba and the surrounding villages so to maximize the relevance and local impact of the company’s support.
  • A formal committee manages CSR activities and evaluates the success and focus of each project to ensure that it aligns with company goals and objectives. ACT community activities provide meaningful support for young people and families through the provision of education, food, household items and activities. 

Impacting the Community

  • ACT has contributed more than 669,000 JOD towards community programmes over the last five years. In 2015, ACT contributed 150,000 JOD towards CSR initiatives. Furthermore, ACT employees contributed over 33,000 hours of volunteer time towards its CSR programmes over since 2010.

Mitigating our Environmental Impact

  • We try hard to mitigate negative environmental impact caused by operations, and have a particular focus on marine biodiversity protection and resource optimization.

Our perspective

  • In the interests of the environmental and economic health of the local community, and sustainability of our organization, we see it as a duty to ensure that our environmental footprint is minimized within Aqaba, and addressed globally where we can.

Protecting our coral reefs

  • ACT has partnered with ASEZA to preserve our unique marine biodiversity, and have made an investment of JOD 1.3 million to aid the transplantation of coral from the berth expansion area to alternative areas where it can thrive again.

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