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Our Terminal

favicon-actAqaba Container Terminal is the logistical and economic backbone of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), serving as the preferred gateway to the region for many active markets around the world. It is the premier transit hub in the Middle East, strategically positioned to serve Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, West Bank and Lebanon.

Our world-class services are powered by advanced terminal technology, equipment, and facilities, and provide customers with a complete package to facilitate their cargo operations. ACT has a reputation for efficiency and proficiency and is dedicated to providing speed, safety, security, and transparency across its service.


In conjunction with ACT Port Facilities, our highest standard equipments are what keep the efficiency 24/7 operational and fully consistent (in accord).

  • Ship-to-Shore Cranes: 6 (Max outreach on water side 63m/capacity under hook 100 ton)
  • RTGs: 22 (Max lifting capacity 50 ton)
  • Reach stackers: 7 (Max lifting capacity 45 ton/ 5 containers high)
  • Empty handlers: 10 (Max lifting capacity 10 ton/ 7 containers high)
  • Terminal Trucks: 36 (Max lifting capacity on 5th wheel: 34 ton)
Crane Specifications

Future vision


Value Chain


ACT's vision is to be the most sustainable gateway to Jordan and beyond. Our mission is to develop and upgrade a sustainable modern, transparent, competitive, reliable, and profitable supply chain component into Jordan, Iraq, and the Levant region.Through our ambitions, ACT supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals. See our Value Chain for more information.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

Through our ambitions, ACT supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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In 2006, a 25-year build-operate-transfer agreement was signed between Aqaba Development Company (ADC) and APM Terminals, in which APM Terminals has a 50% +1 share.

With the largest and most balanced Port and Terminal global portfolio, APM Terminals brings extensive international experience as well as commercial and operational best practice to Jordan. ADC was launched in 2004 with the objective of unlocking the potential of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZA) by accelerating its economic growth and development.

Terminal Overview

✔ Terminal Area: 500,000m2
✔ Stacking Area 450,000 m2
✔ Electric reefer points: 800 plugs
✔ Security: 24/7


✔ Total length: 1,000m
✔ Max. channel depth: 24m
✔ Max. depth at berth: 14-16.5m
✔ Vessels side alongside: Starboard
✔ Container berths: 3
✔ Ro-Ro berths: 1