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‘Lean’ Graduates celebrate a year of hard work and dedication at APM Terminals Bahrain

This month, 60 new Lean Level 3 graduates celebrated a year of hard work and dedication as part of APM Terminals Bahrain’s ‘Lean’ learning program. This year also saw the first 3 Lean level 4 graduates at the Port.

APM Terminals Bahrain implemented a Lean learning program in 2019 to enhance the way it serves customer and to ensure continuous development for employees. This internal training program is aligned with APM Terminals global Way of Working.

The APM Terminals Way-of-Working Business System is enabling the company to transform its organisation by driving a continuous improvement culture that impacts its people, customers, and performance.

Based on lean principles and methodologies, APM Terminals is investing in every brain in the organisation by equipping them with world class tools to focus on and solve its customers daily challenges and keep each other safe, through a continuous cycle of change innovation and improvement.

With our Way of Working, it is constructing improved and sustainable processes that result in superior performance and propel it to become Safer, Better, Bigger.

APM terminals Bahrain had a total of 81 Lean Level 3 graduates, with 60 graduating in 2021 alone. Level 3 qualifies employees as Lean Practitioners and involves 6 classes of 3 hours and 3 full days of Kaizen. Recent graduates represented a diverse range of disciplines and levels within the company.

2021 also saw the first three Lean level 4 graduates and more than 150 kaizens (A Japanese concept for continuous improvement) were carried out with some exceptional impacts. Level 4 qualifies employees as Advanced Lean Practitioners. This requires 6 months of experience implementing Lean Fundamentals on the ground.