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Change of container status from SEARCH to Gate-out

Further to our Customer Advisory Ref COMM/002/2023 dated 2nd March 2023, we wish to clarify that this is not a new fee to be introduced but it is an existing Tariff charge item. Whilst this charge has not been fully applied in the past, this notice is to inform our valued customers that this existing tariff item will be charged in future.

To further clarify this charge item, we would like to elaborate two scenarios wherein partial destuffing would apply (these are only examples and do not preclude other scenarios from coming into play)

A) Scenario 1 - SEARCH container booked for CFS/M-Block destuffing. Thereafter customer obtains approval from Customs for gate-out after a ramp inspection. If booking status is amended prior to date/time of the APMT appointment, then 1 data amendment and partial destuffing fee is chargeable.

B) Scenario 2 - SCAN container booked for gate out delivery. After container scanning, upon the instructions of customs, consignee’s truck is diverted to the CFS for SEARCH, where Customs undertakes a ramp inspection, before truck is released for gate out. 1 data amendment and partial destuffing fee is chargeable.

This charge, which we remind customers has always been applicable will be applied by APMT effective from 15th March 2023.

Thanking you for your continued support.

Sincerely Yours,


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