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Break Bulk/OOG

APM Terminals Bahrain has a specialist team and equipment ready to load and unload your Break Bulk or Out-of-Gauge Cargo. To ensure your valuable cargo always remains safe, we only use highly trained and experienced operators, and suitable equipment. We offer one point of contact to guarantee a quick response to any questions.

Break Bulk significantly exceeds the size and/or weight of a standard container and is therefore handled as non-unitised cargo and normally placed on a bed of flat racks with a large number of lashing points. Break Bulk cargo includes things like yachts, masts, industrial machines or train carriages. The paperwork involved in breakbulk shipping can be simpler. Because containers can carry a variety of goods, there are several bills of lading for each one. However, with breakbulk, the whole shipment needs only one bill of lading. At APM Terminals Bahrain we can also work with and accommodate specialist break-bulk vessels.

With Out-of-Gauge Cargo, the dimensions of the cargo exceed the flat rack or open top container by length, width or height, but a container can still be used. Out of Gauge cargo includes things like propellers, flanges or trucks.

Acceptance Criteria

 OOG Cargo Acceptance  Details Comments
 Handling Feasibility (Yes or No) Yes  APM Terminals Bahrain
 Max. Over Width Each Side (cm) 1500  
 Max. Over Height with OHF (cm) 2000  
 Max. Over Height with Wire Sling (cm)
 (-)  No Limitation
 Max. Over length (cm)
 2500 (each side)  Without covering lifting points
 Max. Gantry Crane Capacity (T)  60  
 Max. Gantry Crane Capacity Under Hook (T)  100  
 BB Cargo Acceptance  Details  Comments
 Handling Feasibility (Yes or No) Yes  APM Terminals Bahrain
 Max. Gantry Crane Capacity (T)  60  
 Max. Gantry Crane Capacity Under Hook (T)  100