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Rail Terminal

  • Location: Longitude (Greenwich): 2º - 12.2 E | Latitude: 41º - 20.1 N
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 06:00-02:00
  • Exploiter contact: APM Terminals Barcelona S.L.U.

intermodal-connections-64Facilities & Equipment

  • 4 HA
  • 6 Tracks 750 m (UIC)
  • 2 RMG’s



APM Terminals Barcelona offer direct connections to inland container terminals in Zaragoza, Madrid and other cities in the Iberian corridor using dedicated shuttle trains. These are ideally positioned close to the distributions centres of large multinationals.

This service provides a number of benefits and cost savings, particularly for textiles, export scrap and Spanish agricultural products.The terminals can also arrange door-to-door service.

Origen Operador Periodicidad
 Zaragoza  APM-Railway
 Miranda del Ebro
 Tamaran JSV / Synergy
 Transportuarios  3-4/week
 Noain  Synergy  1-2/week