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APM Terminals Spanish Gateways celebrates Global Safety Day with activities for employees and customers

Under the motto `We lead with care’, Valencia, Barcelona, Castellón and Gijón get frontline work closer to raise awareness on safety at terminals 

APM Terminals Spanish Gateways has engaged all its workers today in learning about the variables involved in frontline works in a terminal, to know the risks and how to facilitate the tasks of those who perform them. It has done so on the occasion of Global Safety Day, held under the slogan We lead with care in Valencia, Castellón and Gijón, and in Barcelona, which was also attended by Susana Elvira, Chief People Officer, Ahmed Hassan, Head of Europe Ocean Customer Logistics, Igor Van den Essen, Head of Terminals Europe, and Carlos Arias, APM Terminals Spanish Gateways Managing Director.

"The decisions we make in the office have an impact on what happens on the quayside. So, for us, being aware of the work and the risks out there is a responsibility," Igor Van den Essen told APM Terminals Barcelona employees. "Safety is a way of life and an attitude, and as customers, we feel that we are allies in keeping the terminals safe," added Ahmed Hassan.

During Global Safety Day, each APM Terminals Spanish Gateways facilities invited attendees to the yard to show how work is carried out at heights, to experience container lashing, transport, suspended loads, stored energy and contractor management, which are the five categories of risks that usually compromise safety at a container terminal. And it has done so through virtual reality and Gemba walks, which are visits based on the Lean philosophy to understand processes, dialogue with employees and identify opportunities for improvement.

The event finished with safety reflection sessions with the workers. In Barcelona Daniel Muñoz, head of HSSQE at APM Terminals Spanish Gateways, highlighted the value of integrating safety into all of the company's functions.  Susana Elvira pointed out that during her visit to Barcelona she was able to listen to her colleagues, "seeing and feeling how the daily work is done in the terminal". Meanwhile, Carlos Arias underlined the value of safety. "We talk about results, productivity, but that has no value if the people who work with us cannot return home safe and sound every day," he said.