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Being a man or a woman is not an obstacle to fulfilling dreams

#SGWGirls Go girls go!

Being a man or a woman is not an obstacle to fulfilling dreams, working in what you are passionate about and growing professionally. Several of our female colleagues have spoken clearly about this, from Alba, the first woman to work in Maintenance, to the latest additions to the department: Maribel, María del Mar, Sara and María, together with Paula, Zineb and Sonia, who are also breaking the bias at APM Terminals Spanish Gateways to, as Carlos Arias encouraged, "help change the culture of our company". 

Paula González, Business Analyst

paula gonzalez

"In my job I have always enjoyed dealing with customers and being decisive. I am in a sector that, fortunately, I enjoy very much. All I wish for is to keep on working hard and to keep on learning. Foreign trade and logistics in particular are exciting”.

Zineb Debboun, Business Analyst


"It was my dream to work for APM Terminals or Maersk Group. If it wasn't on land, I knew I would sail on one of their vessels, I was sure of it. There is nothing I don't like about my job, and there is no difference between boys and girls. What you have to have is desire, attitude and courage”.

Alba López, Electrical Operator

alba lopez

"I love everything about my job, and I find it incredible to be in an environment that is available to very few, totally different from the real world, surrounded by big machines. It also helps that every day the work is different. If you are passionate about it, this is the job for you, whether you are a man or a woman”.

Maribel Cuesta, Local Maintenance Scheduler


"I am in charge of checking maintenance reports, crane availability, ground machinery availability and I am in contact with the other departments to analyse warehouse KPIs, as well as helping with planning. Girls should be encouraged to enter men's worlds because often the fear we may feel is not real".

María del Mar Muñoz, 2nd Officer Electrician

maria del mar

"In the port, every day is different and offers new challenges in the repairs required for the machinery.  What I like most is being able to learn from it all, and together with my colleagues to do my bit to make it all work. Ours is a very particular world and, if you are not in it, you cannot imagine all that it represents".

Sonia Castronuño, Datacentre Engineer


"My job is a very important part of my life and I enjoy it more and more every day. I love learning and applying new technologies, improvement options, contributing to the WoW philosophy and growing by sharing my successes with all my colleagues in the department.

María Aznar, Asset Maintenance Coordinator


"What I like most about my job is learning from my colleagues, and participating in projects and kaizens together with other departments, in order to continue learning and growing from perspectives I don't know”.

Sara Sampé, Design Project Engineer


“I love being able to help and provide solutions to the needs that we receive from the technical department. And to see that thanks to the collaboration between departments we achieve continuous learning and, consequently, a good performance of our terminals".

Container Terminal Illustration

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