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Award-winning associations and their APM Terminals’ sponsors celebrate Social Action Awards

The kindness of Calma and Habana – assistance dogs used by the Acavall Foundation to provide therapy for people with Alzheimer's disease – was the focus of attention during APM Terminals’ Social Action Awards ceremony.

It was a moving event held at APM Terminals Valencia, which brought together representatives of the award-winning associations, their sponsors and members of the jury, to celebrate together the second edition of this initiative, which will help seven local NGOs.

"Speaking from the heart is a must on a day like today, because words convince but example moves. And you as volunteers are setting an example of what needs to be done in this society. It is a luxury to see such committed people, and also to have you here with us today", said Javier Sáez, Head of Employee Relations and Public Affairs of APM Terminals in Spain, in the closing of an event that was broadcast live for the employees of the company’s terminals of Barcelona, Castellón and Gijón.

The award-winning groups, who had the opportunity to visit the terminal, were Veïns del Món, who will use his prize to pay for canteen grants; Aula de Debate Mujeres del Grao, for a literacy workshop for Maghrebi women to facilitate their inclusion in society; the Associació Discapacitat Visual Catalunya, for a project of global attention to visually impaired immigrants; Asociación Síndrome de Menière España, sponsored by Manuel Herrador, will use the help of APM Terminals Spanish Gateways to maintain its sign language course for people with hearing loss; the Asociación de Fibrosis Quística de la Comunidad Valenciana, will pay for physical exercise and respiratory physiotherapy sessions; the Acavall Foundation, for its dog-assisted therapy for people with Alzheimer's disease, and Asociación Galbán, for its project of early detection and rehabilitation of consequences in speech therapy and physiotherapy for children with cancer.

APM Terminals Spanish Gateways Social Action Awards is an initiative that aims to contribute to the implementation of projects of non-profit organisations for social, educational, sporting and cultural development in the areas where we operate, involving both the company and its employees.