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APM Terminals receives Kaizen Institute Sustainability Award for decarbonisation project

The commitment and hard work put into the APM Terminals Spanish Gateways decarbonisation project was recognised by Kaizen Institute during an award ceremony yesterday. APM Terminals decarbonisation goals set an environmental benchmark in the maritime and port sector. In 2022 APM Terminals Spanish Gateway Terminals were already noted for their advances in Lean culture. On this occasion, it recognises the company's firm commitment to sustainable development.

Jordi Llaguna, Decarbonisation Lead and Senior Procurement Manager at APM Terminals Spanish Gateways, represented the company at the awards ceremony which was held virtually together with the winners in other categories.

“One of the keys to the success of the project is the coordination of a multidisciplinary team that has invested many hours in bringing this project closer to being a future reality,” said Zineb Debboun, Project Management Officer and member of the team.

During the ceremony, Miguel Ruiz, Head of Employee Relations, pointed out the need for support from the Kaizen Institute to make these projects a reality within the concession context. Belén Fernández, Legal Services Manager, also highlighted that, “It is important to comply with the objectives established by port community regulations and international regulation. At the same time APM Terminals decarbonisation goals push the boundaries of this vision provided by the regulatory framework and help generate a return on the required investment.”

The objective of the project, recognised by the Kaizen Institute, is to roadmap the company's needs to reduce CO2 emissions by 70% in 2030 and become net zero in 2040. This will involve significant changes for ports and the activities they carry out, in addition to the inclusion of environmentally responsible energies such as methanol. It also demonstrates the company's awareness towards a more sustainable future.