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IMO Container Storage at APM Terminals Barcelona

Long Stay IMO stacking

AMP Terminals Barcelona can provide no-terminal storage for your IMO container, 8 days before vessel ETD with the compliance of local Authorities. This service applies for all IMO 9 units with the following UN: 3077, 3082 as well as IMO 3 UN 1266.


The Service only applies for EXPORT containers

The UNs allowed up to 8 days before ETD are:
  • UN 3077  (IMO9)
  • UN 3082 (IMO9)
  • UN 1266 (IMO3)


  • IMO Storage for certain UN inside the Terminal Facilities.
  • Cost savings for storage and transportation
  • Ensure container loading as scheduled avoiding potential delays.


The Service does not apply for any other UN outside the mentioned ones nor for Import traffics

Request process

  • The Port Authority will issue 8 days stay permission before ETD for all the UNs allowed in Terminal up to 8 days. (3077,3082 and 1266).
  • The ETA mentioned on the APB Imo acceptance is the valid the date to check the container gate in in our facilities.