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Our Terminal

Located on Colombia’s Pacific west coast, Terminal de Contenedores de Buenaventura (TCBUEN) SA is just 16 hours from the Panama Canal for international markets and is ideally positioned to service large regional cities. Through the application of the latest technologies it provides high levels of efficiency and cargo security.


TCBUEN’s strategic location is one of its main competitive advantages, due to: 

  • Entrance located 2 km before Puente el Piñal, avoiding its restrictions. 
  • Convergencia Via Alterna - Simón Bolívar Highway less than 50 meters from the gate
  • Direct Access to the Poliducto de Occidente. 
  • Maritime Access through the Estero Aguacate. 
  • Depth of channel 12.5 meters in low tide, 14 meters in dock area and 400 meters in turning dock. 
  • Distance to Existing Channel: 2,400 meters. 


We maintain the highest safety standards, through management based on the protection of people, cargo and transportation. We focus permanently on risk management and prevent terrorism, drug trafficking and theft through successful control schemes, that adopt ISPS Code principles and ISO 28000 standards.

  • CCTV, surveillance cameras, perimeter control, optical character recognition (OCR), scanner access controls and a biometric system, which enables the traceability of a load 365 days a year 7 days a week. 
  • Permanent coordination with local Security, Antinarcotics and Customs Authorities. 
  • Thorough safety induction before entry to the terminal
  • Fire systems
  • Non-intrusive inspection for containerized cargo and pallets through specialized scanners. 

Equipment & Facilities 

TCBUEN has a berth of 440 meters in length plus two berthing piles that can accommodate 2 vessels depending on their combination of lengths. It has a berthing depth of 14 meters at low tide, with a capacity to store up to 18,000 TEUS simultaneously and to serve up to 650,000 TEUS per year.

  • Container Storage: 26Ha 
  • Super Post Panamax Grantry Crane: 4
  • Ship-to-Shore Crane: 1
  • Outreach: 1 x 23 rows | 3 x 19 rows 
  • eRTGs: 13
  • Reefer Connections: 280 
  • Weighing scales:  2 dynamics; 4 statics 
  • Cargo inspection warehouses:  2
  • Storage warehouses: 3 (Sugar, Coffee, Loose Cargo)


TCBUEN’s state-of-the-art port equipment and innovative IT platform provides customers with real-time information about the status and condition of their cargo. Online systems enable 24/7 digital access to:

  • Appointment management
  • Online payments and electronic billing
  • Customer registration

The company uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to continually monitor the location of containers.


TCBUEN SA is a public limited company, with around 86% of the shares held by APM Terminals and Grupo Empresarial del Pacífico (GEPSA). The remaining shares are held by the CVC, Gobernación del Valle, the Municipality of Buenaventura and more than 900 local shareholders.