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Customer Care Officer at TCBUEN

Integrated Management System


Provide port container handling services with efficiency, safety and quality to national and international trade participants, generating value for the national economy, its shareholders and progress for its officials.


To be a global container logistics integrator that connects and simplifies our customers' supply chain.

Integrated Management System Policy

At TCBUEN S.A. We are committed to recognizing and satisfying the needs of our clients by providing innovative, efficient and quality port services, based on teamwork with qualified, highly committed personnel and supported by the management of technological resources.

Our Values

  • Constant care
  • Modesty
  • Rectitude
  • Our employees
  • Our name

Protection and Security

TCBUEN SA has the mission of protecting the physical integrity of people, the port facility and safeguarding the company's assets, carrying out adequate management and administration of security risks, minimizing losses during the provision of port services, with the purpose of providing a permanent and efficient security system through a culture of prevention. We therefore undertake to:

  • Prevent in all our activities protection risks that compromise the physical integrity of people, infrastructure, ships and cargo.
  • Ensure compliance with national standards, international standards and commitments signed by the company regarding protection.
  • Periodically review our protection system to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Guarantee the necessary resources for the sustainability of the security system.
  • Maintain constant and periodic training of our staff and monitor compliance.
  • Maintain constant communication with government organizations and authorities that allow the development of their institutional duty