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  • We do not accept incidents and injuries as part of our business.
  • We will not compromise our performance in health, safety and environment for profit or production.
  • We hold our leaders responsible for the health, safety and environmental performance of our business.
  • We expect our Managers and Supervisors to exercise effective leadership while recognizing that good behaviour in HSSE is the responsibility of all those who work for us.
  • We will focus on the prevention of incidents before they occur through proactive risk assessment and mitigation applying a hierarchy of controls.
  • We strive for a culture without blame, but we cannot accept intentional neglect or non-compliance with our HSSE standards.
  • All APM Terminals Companies must manage HSSE in accordance with this independent Policy if it concerns our employees, contractors or anyone else who works or visits any of our facilities

Each APM Terminals company must:

  • Have a systematic approach for the management of HSSE risks.
  • Comply with local legislation and regulations, as well as with the APM Terminals Global standards.
  • Establish plans and goals for continuous improvement and measure, evaluate and report on performance.
  • Report all incidents and near misses of HSSE.
  • Investigate incidents to identify learning and prevent recurrence.
  • Ensure that employees are competent to perform their tasks and provide the appropriate HSE trainings.
  • Share HSSE performance and learnings with the staff, suppliers, customers and the APM Terminals community.
  • Ensure adequate resources to manage the risks associated with HSSE.
  • Include HSSE performance as part of employee evaluations.
  • Require contractors to manage HSSE in accordance with this Policy.

Alcohol and drugs policy

  • In our role as leaders, we expect all Terminal 4 SA employees and contractors to safely fulfill their assigned duties without any consequences or effects due to the consumption of alcohol or illicit drugs.
  • The abuse of alcohol and / or drugs, generates adverse effects on health, diminishes the ability to perform adequately and compromises personal safety and the work environment, affecting productivity.
  • It is Terminal 4 SA’s policy to prohibit any worker or contractor from entering or remaining in the facility, if he is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

To control this we will conduct random tests on workers and contractors. Failure to comply with this policy by the employee and contractors will be considered a fault in any of the following cases:

  • Carrying out work under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Bringing alcoholic beverages or drugs into the company's facilities
  • When a worker or contractor is tested for the influence of alcohol or drugs and the result is positive
  • Refusing to be tested for alcohol or drugs will be considered reasonable doubt
  • Non-compliance with this policy by the employee and Terminal 4 SA’s code of conduct

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Terminal 4 SA is committed to conducting campaigns in the field of alcohol and drug consumption, aiming to minimize the risks that this situation generates in the workplace. 

The company provides employees with information for rehabilitation. This is a strictly confidential service of professional advice for situations related to alcohol / drug consumption.
Human Resources Management and HSSE Management will be able to support the affected worker who voluntarily asks for help, so that he can initiate treatment and an adequate rehabilitation process.

All workers who return to their jobs after a rehabilitation process must participate in a program of care and follow-up. If a worker is diagnosed with a problem of abuse or dependence by the medical entity specialized in the subject and is instructed to undergo recovery and rehabilitation treatment, and the latter is denied or interrupted, appropriate administrative and / or legal proceedings will be commenced.