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In order to convey tranquility and clarity about the times we are going through, we inform you how our operations will be from the decree signed yesterday by the National Government.


We are working on a regular basis, both your import and export operations will be made with their current shifts and without modifications.

 Based on the new measures announced by AFIP (Decree 297/2020), we inform that the Customs Service will exclusively attend to those import operations and / or destinations that are related to the activities and services declared essential by the Decree.
In the case of export operations and / or destinations, only those that cannot be postponed will be dealt with because they are perishable merchandise, seasonally, or when it is not possible to collect them; We request that if you have pending coordination at APM Terminals Buenos Aires, please generate your pertinent inquiry to Customs to avoid setbacks in its operations.

In order to accompany you in your logistics chain, in the event that your coordination has been affected by this measure, you can contact our Customer Service Department through Online Requests.


Additionally, we inform you that by order of the General Administration of Ports:
1. The free storage period is extended from March 20, 2020 to April 10 of the current year inclusive for cargoes that operate in the Port of Buenos Aires Terminals
2. The application of the T1 Rate (Handling within 5 days) for cargoes landed in the Port of Buenos Aires from March 17, 2020 and withdrawn within the free storage period (indicated in point 1)
3. The application of the T7 Rate (Handling within 5 days) for cargoes entered in the Port of Buenos Aires from March 20 for shipment within the free storage period (indicated in point 1)

Our systems will be updated according to the new provisions.
If your budget does not coincide with some of the new provisions, please contact us through Online Requests to be able to modify it and avoid delays in your invoicing and subsequent operations.

Contact methods

Online Applications: you can enter by clicking here
Call Center (business days from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.): 0810-555-APMT (2768)
Online applications technical support:

In addition, we remind you that Digital Port is available so that you can coordinate, pay and generate your documentation online, without the need to physically attend our facilities.

We want to keep you constantly informed in order to provide you with the peace of mind that your logistics chain needs, that is why they will have two very agile ways of consulting the latest news available:
Our website will be kept updated at all times, you can consult it through the following link:

Contact number via WhatsApp for immediate notifications on your phone, subscribe:
Send a WhatsApp to +54 9 11 6469- 8574 with the company name and item



1. The hours of attention to the public are reduced. The same will become from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., preventing staff from moving by public transport in rush hour.

2. The capacity to stay on the premises is reduced to a maximum of 30 users, both on hold and operational. Maintaining a prudential distance within it.

3. The temperature will be controlled by both own personnel and users at the time of entering the premises. In the event that it is greater than 38º the person will not be able to enter. In any case, it will be taken into account trying to carry out the operation without the presence of the user within the premises.

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