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APM Terminals Callao commences US $95 million general cargo expansion

APM Terminals Callao commenced works on stage 3A of the Multipurpose North Terminal Modernization Project in the Port of Callao this week. The US$ 95 million, 100% private investment, exceeds contractual commitments in the addendum by almost 40%.

To mark this critical stage, the company held a symbolic ground-breaking ceremony jn the presence of important authorities such as Dina Boluarte, President of the Republic of Peru, Raúl Pérez Reyes, Minister of Transport and Communications, Juan Carlos Mathews, Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Walter Tapia, President of the National Port Authority, as well as industry associations, embassies and clients.

Works, to be carried out during 2024 include the construction of a battery of 12 vertical silos for clean grains. This will increase capacity from 25,000 to 85,000 tons.

APM Terminals will lift the standard of efficiency for general cargo (non-containerized) customers through the acquisition and installation of two continuous free-flow solid grain unloaders, which will improve unloading productivity. APM Terminals Callao handles 73% of the wheat, 54% of the corn and 100% of the barley arriving in the country, which is essential for daily life in Peru.

The construction of 2.13 hectares of paved areas and significant improvements at the access gate for general cargo will also be carried out.

Further US $500 million investment

Once the terminal reaches an annual 1.1 million TEUs, stage 3B will begin with an investment of US $328 million. APM Terminals Callao will however seek to invest approximately US $500 million, thus exceeding its contractual obligation in the addendum by 50%.

Stage 3B will benefit both general and containerised cargo customers, through addition of a new 440m fully equipped container berth and dredging works that will facilitate container vessels up to 400 meters long with a draft of 16 meters.

The acquisition of four Ship-to-Shore Super Post Panamax gantry cranes, 12 electric rubber tyred gantry cranes (eRTG) and 33 terminal trucks will increase capacity at the port to handle more than 2.8 million TEU – more than doubling existing capacity.

Similarly, existing piers one and two will be demolished and rebuilt using more modern designs, with a berthing capacity of 220m. Seven hectares of paved yard will be constructed for container and general cargo yards.

Commitment to global trade

Through this investment, APM Terminals Callao reinforces its commitment to the development of the port sector and the infrastructure serving the country.

"We are happy and proud to start the next stages of the modernisation project - a total commitment of US $ 1,200 million in the most important public port in the country,” commented Lars Vang Christensen, CEO of APM Terminals Callao. “For more than 12 years, APM Terminals Callao has embraced the challenge of leading the significant transformation and development of the port of Callao, lifting the standard of connectivity between Peru and global trade.”

Critical infrastructure

“Furthermore, being recognized as part of Peru's critical infrastructure, we currently serve more than 70% of Peru's general cargo and 40% of its containerised cargo. During our time in Callao, our focus has been to implement solutions to improve and align the infrastructure to the needs of the market and therefore also to create value for users of the port.

“Finally, this achievement has also been made possible by the strong commitment of our shareholders to continue investing in modernising the terminal and in their long-term partnership with Peru," he concludes.