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Our Values

Driven by the values of our founding family, our core values have helped us earn and keep the trust and goodwill of customers and business associates across the globe. In today’s world of rapidly evolving economic and market conditions, our Values remain key to ensuring we grow for the future in a sustainable way.

Our values

Through Constant Care and Humbleness, we strive to prepare for the future, whilst bearing in mind that our customers and competitors are essential to our ability to improve. In our daily work Uprightness requires transparency and accountability in everything we do. This goes hand in hand with Our Employees and Our Name that entail striving to make our company an inspiring and challenging place to work, and a valuable and credible business partner. 

Dan Iversen, Shift Leader at APM Terminals Aarhus in Denmark, explains what the values mean to him.

Our values unite our global workforce, ensuring a continuity of service and customer experience that distinguishes us from our competitors. They guide our behaviour and ensure that we make ethically sound decisions that are aligned with our Company culture.

Diversity and inclusion 

At APM Terminals, we want to attract and retain the best and brightest people from the broadest pool possible, and ensure that we select the right candidates, based on merit, skills and personality. 

We value individuals that bring diverse talents, skills, and perspectives to the organization. Diversity of thought makes us stronger. At APM Terminals, we treat all employees and job applicants equally, fairly, and respectfully and will not discriminate against anyone based on race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, political or other opinion, or cultural background.

Josselin Yarisma Ascon Wil, APM Terminals Quetzal, Guatemala, explains how APM Terminals has had a big influence on her life.

This is applicable to all people processes, including recruitment, selection and promotion decisions. We always aim to choose the most qualified person for any position from the widest possible pool and ensure an inclusive environment to drive exceptional business results.

Removing unconscious bias

These are claims you’ll read on any progressive company’s website. But we’re actually making sure it happens. Over the past two years, we have focused on building capabilities in our human resources organisation to help identify and challenge potential bias within our HR processes. We have also introduced the concept of unconscious bias to leaders in various parts of the organisation. In 2017, we tested a wider programme of unconscious bias, which we hope to launch to all employees in 2018.

At APM Terminals our strong focus on diversity is a natural outcome of a company with a strong talent focus, mindset and culture. Discrimination and harassment are not tolerated. This creates a workplace with an open and vibrant culture – where people are free to be themselves, do their best, inspire others and realise potential for themselves and their teams.

Over recent years we have had in place and further expanded a suite of leadership development programs that are aimed at ensuring the diversity of our talent pipelines. Whilst we have a wealth of diversity at our junior levels in the organisation we need to do more to ensure that this is reflected in the top levels of our organisation. Due to very global nature of our business, diversity in Nationality has never been an issue, be we are acutely aware that having more women in higher management is an opportunity.

Global maternity and paternity programme

In addition to initiatives such as diversity networks, mentoring schemes and workshops aimed at empowering female employees, in 2016 we introduced a global maternity and paternity programme. Since its launch, almost 1,300 employees have made use of the minimum standard of 18 weeks leave across the world. Over 800 employees have taken paternity leave, and at least 300 employees have used the 20% reduced working hours benefit after returning from leave.

The retention rate for women returning to work and remaining with the company for 12 months or longer is now 71%, compared to 70% in our baseline year of 2014. Our goal is to increase our retention rate to 90%.

The same focus has also driven the development of diversity improvement targets which are set at Group and individual company level.  The targets allow us to measure our progress with regards to gender and nationality. The Group targets are reported annually in our sustainability report.