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Our Terminal

In 2016, APM Terminals and Colombian-based port and terminal operating company, Compañia de Puertos Asociados S.A. (Compas S.A.) formed Cartagena Container Terminal Operator (CCTO). The joint venture will manage and develop the multi-purpose terminal in Colombia’s second-busiest container port, located at the northern tip of South America on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. 

APM Terminals holds a 51% majority share in the terminal, which offers annual throughput capacities of 250,000 TEUs and 3 million tons of general cargo.

With a planned investment of US$ 200 million, over the coming years CCTO will add three Ship-to-Shore cranes, dredge to increase draft to 14,5 meters and automate gates for maximum efficiency. This will allow the terminal to handle new panama vessels of up to 13,000 TEU capacity, which are now able to transit the Panama Canal following its lock-widening project completed in summer 2016.

In 2021, the terminal invested USD 4 million in an Astrophysics container scanner. The equipment has the capacity to scan 150 containers per hour continuously, obtaining high resolution images of the entire vehicle, which provides authorities and control teams with a clearer view of the truck and the load.

Why choose CCTO?

  • On-dock warehousing, stuffing & destuffing and last mile delivery – saving up to US$ 150 per container
  • Efficient cargo clearance process within 12 hours
  • Optimised gate process with truck turn time of 23 minutes
  • Well-connected hinterland serving automotive and petrochemical industry


  • Total area: 22 Hectares
  • Operational capacity: Handling 4 million tons / year
  • Annual container capacity: 250,000 TEU
  • Gate lanes: 5
  • Reefer connections: 110
  • Berth: 660m


  • Mobile harbor cranes: 4  (capacity of 100 tons each)
  • Reach Stackers: 5
  • Top Loaders: 5

Access channels

North Canal, with a maximum depth of 12 meters BW. and channel width 80 meters South Canal, with maximum depth of 11.5 meters BW. and channel width of 100 meters.