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Our Services


Cartagena Container Terminal Operator SAS (CCTO) is an authorized port operator, and offers stevedoring services to container shipping lines arriving at the terminal located in the bay of Cartagena. CCTO handles 110,000 TEUs annually and has three mobile cranes and storage capacity of up to 250,000 TEU.

General cargo

CTO has extensive experience in handling all types of general cargo and project cargo including metal structures, steel coils, pipes, over-sized cargo and dirty bulks among others. We have the specialist equipment and appropriately qualified personnel for handling such goods.

Vehicles & Machinery

CCTO has the experience and expertise to meet the discharge of all types of vehicles and self-propelled machinery and storage. Ratings for this type of merchandise is determined as follows:

  • Light vehicles are those weighing up to 6.0 tons
  • Heavy vehicles are those weighing more than 6.0 tons
  • Equipment: Machinery not dedicated to transporting people.

Custom’s bonded storage

Approved by the national custom’s authorities, DIAN, our facilities provide custom’s bonded storage. We also have custom’s bonded facilities where goods can be processed, packaged, and handled in preparation for distribution, repair, packing, repacking, sorting or collection.

Cartagena Container Terminal Operator Colombia