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IMO Container Storage at APM Terminals Barcelona

New time and money-saving services available at APM Terminals Castellon

Dear Customers,

We at APM Terminals constantly strive to provide reliable and innovative services to our customers. In order to continue offering integrated solutions we are now providing new services in our facilities in APM Terminals Castellon, which can save customers both time and money.

These services reinforce global export and import processes, especially when a container is inside the Terminal adding benefits to the global logistics process:

  • Avoiding delays in deliveries.
  • Growing business possibilities by expanding the cargo possibilities.
  • Avoiding additional shunting to warehouse.

New Value-Added Services in APM Terminals Castellon available as from today February 19th, 2021:

Please see our website for more information on these services, which can be requested through this channel

Our main commitment is the excellence and quality in our services as well as the collaboration with our stakeholders in growing our business together.

We keep on working to adapt to the global needs of the shipping business.

Our Customer Care Department will be happy to offer you any further information on all above mentioned: