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APM Terminals links Castellón and Israel with Admiral’s TMM service

Admiral Container Lines included APM Terminals Castellón in TMM service, which connects Turkey and Spain. The calls, which began in March with Admiral Sun vessel, provide a direct link between Castellón and Israel for import and export cargo, which is being used for temperature-controlled goods.apm-terminals-castellon-admiral

"The start of the new service from Admiral, and more specifically, from its agent in Spain, One Ocean Agency, is great news for Castellón, as it offers new horizons and new possibilities to the local market, both for the export of the province's star product, such as tiles and their derivatives, and for the import of perishable goods that would otherwise have had to use other ports, with the consequent additional costs for the end customer," said Jorge Sorribes, Operations Manager of APM Terminals Castellón.

" Quality of service has been excellent. Being the first call at the port we were uncertain of how the operation was going to be regarding the pace of unloading/loading, reception/delivery of containers, but it was really unbeatable. The staff have been totally helpful in addressing our queries and I would definitely recommend APM Terminals to any shipping company wishing to start their journey in the Spanish East coast", added Fatine Eljaouhari, Operations Director of One Ocean Shipping Agency, agents of Admiral Container Lines in Spain.

The TMM service connects the ports of Gemlik, Gebze, Istanbul, Izmir, Piraeus, Sousse, Castellon, Valencia, Algiers, Mersin, Haifa, Ashod, Alexandria, Constanta and Casablanca every 10 days.