Côte d'Ivoire Terminal joins the battle against plastic pollution in Assinie Mafia

Côte d'Ivoire Terminal (CIT), operator of the second container terminal at the port of Abidjan, reaffirmed its commitment to environmental protection by participating in a cleaning operation at Assinie Mafia beach last month during World Clean Up Day.

As part of this initiative, CIT collaborated with the startup ECOPLAST-INNOV and the National Waste Management Agency (ANAGED) to contribute to the preservation of Côte d'Ivoire’s coastal areas. The objective of the operation was to raise awareness about the importance of reducing plastic pollution which threatens our precious natural resources.

CIT made a double contribution to the operation. Firstly, the company provided local authorities with the sanitation equipment necessary for the operation, thus demonstrating its commitment to cleanliness and preservation of the environment. Secondly, CIT’s employees actively participated in the cleaning of approximately 1 kilometre of beach, during which almost 500 kilograms of plastic waste and debris were collected.

This community initiative from CIT is part of its overall vision to actively contribute to the preservation of the environment while raising public awareness of the crucial need to reduce plastic pollution. Coastal areas, which are of key importance to the region's biodiversity and economy, are particularly exposed to plastic waste and pollution. CIT is committed to playing an active role in protecting these precious ecosystems.