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Coman SA is firmly committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for its employees, contractors, vendors and visitors.

Health and safety is everyone’s business, and everyone is expected to share in our commitment to avoid all accidents and incidents, which may cause personal injury, damage to the environment, property damage or loss of any kind.

Every employee is expected to act safely at all times to ensure their own welfare and that of their fellows and others in the workplace.

This entails our commitment to:

  • Continuously improving our Safety performances;
  • Establishing a strong Safety culture among the staff;
  • The prevention of injuries and illnesses;
  • Complying with local and international regulations and legislation regarding Occupational Health & Safety;
  • Providing the framework for setting and reviewing Safety objectives and targets;
  • Ensuring that all plants and equipment is safe;
  • Establishing safe systems of work for all tasks;
  • Ensuring that our employees, contactors, vendors and visitors are not exposed to unmanaged or uncontrolled hazards;
  • Developing and implementing emergency and evacuation procedures;
  • Mitigating safety risks - striving to eradicate all injuries.

We will accomplish these commitments by:

  • Management’s active demonstration of its commitment to this policy
  • Systematically identifying and controlling all hazards in our workplace. Where there are significant hazards we will take all practicable steps to eliminate, isolate and or minimize these hazards to prevent any injury or damage.
  • Informing all employees of these hazards and the hazard control measures and ensure all employees are properly trained and supervised.
  • Ensuring that all employees are given reasonable opportunities to participate effectively in ongoing processes for the improvement of health and Safety in our workplaces.
  • Establishing safety objectives and targets for all staff and promote best practices
  • Recording all Near misses, accidents, incidents and illnesses in our workplace, and take all practicable steps to prevent these events from happening.
  • Ensuring that where employees are affected by harm or illness from work, appropriate steps are in place to manage the person’s injury or illness and rehabilitation.
  • Informing and training all employees in emergency and evacuation procedures.
  • Taking steps to protect visitors and other people from workplace hazards, and ensuring that Contractors and sub-contractors are not exposed to hazards within our workplace and do not expose our employees to hazards that the Contractor introduces.
  • Carry out planned self-inspections to monitor health and Safety issues.

This Health & Safety Policy will be integrated at all levels and is the responsibility of management with the active support of all the staff. The Chief Executive Officer of COMAN S.A. is ultimately responsible for this policy and the company’s Health & Safety performance and is assisted by the Health & Safety Committee, which oversees the implementation of the APM Terminals Safety Management System within COMAN S.A.