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New live Truck-Turn-Time feed supports efficiency at COMAN SA Container Terminal

To help customers plan their container pick-ups and drop-offs, COMAN SA Container Terminal has launched now publishes real-time Truck Turn Times, which are updated using live data from its Terminal Operating System. The service is being rolled out across APM Terminals’ facilities globally.

Truck Turn Times are calculated as the time between a truck entering the terminal through the gate and exiting the terminal. 

The current status of traffic in the terminal can be seen by the average Truck Turn Time over the last hour graphic, which also shows the percentage of transactions completed in under 30 minutes and 60 minutes. A simple filter enables customers to view the times for specific types of transaction, such as delivered or received containers, empty or full containers, or combined transactions.

Average Truck Turn Times are also shown by hour for the previous 24 hours, to give a clear indication of peak traffic times in the terminal and assist with planning.