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We are interested in our customers' level of satisfaction

At APM Terminals Spanish Gateways, we work to offer our customers the best possible support when contacting our different terminals. We currently have several tools to measure the level of satisfaction as well as to offer a channel in which to add comments in order to continue improving.

What is the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS)?

Every quarter, our head office launches a satisfaction survey in order to know the opinion of our customers on various aspects of APM Terminals, as well as to know what we can do to meet their expectations.

Questions in the survey are rated on a scale of 0 to 10 to measure the level of satisfaction. In addition, feedback is very useful to help us evaluate and understand the rating.

In our continuous improvement process, we consider that all ratings between 0 and 8 require action on our part in order to see the needs of each individual customer who participates.
These data, as well as the feedback received, are shared internally with the departments involved in order to establish actions and carry out an improvement in the daily operational process.

What is CSAT?

Since 2022 at APM Terminals Spanish Gateways, Cargocontrol and Customer Service management teams have been working with a tool for the management of cases and requests that we receive from our customers (Sales Force/Issue Resolution).

Each time we receive an application in these management teams, a case number is generated which is used by the customer to follow up the solving process of the case.

Once the case has been solved, a short survey will be sent to the customer's email in which they will be asked to rate their satisfaction regarding the solution provided, and to add any comments they consider necessary.

On our journey towards excellence, and with the ambition of becoming the best terminal operator in the world always present, we firmly believe that, through these tools, and by giving voice to the opinions of our customers, we will be able to offer a better treatment of any type of incident or query we receive.

To make this possible, we welcome active participation in these surveys so that we can understand our areas of strength and identify areas where we can improve.